HM Prison Service

HM Prison Service
Whether you're looking for job opportunities, have a friend or family member in prison or simply want to find out more about the Prison Service. Provides statements, documents and corporate information about the Prison Service

Howard League for Penal Reform
The oldest penal reform charity in the UK. Works for a safe society where fewer people are victims of crime

Northern Ireland Office
The role of the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) is to support the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in securing a lasting peace, based on the Agreement in which the rights and identities of all traditions are fully respected and safeguarded and in which a safe, stable, just, open and tolerant society can thrive and prosper

Northern Ireland Prison Service
Serves the community by keeping in secure, safe and humane custody those committed by the courts; by working with prisoners and with organisations, seeks to reduce the risk of re-offending; and in so doing aims to protect the public and to contribute to peace and stability in Northern Ireland

Prison Service Instructions (PSI's) and
Prison Service Orders (PSO's)
There are a number of rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. These are outlined in Prison Service Instructions (PSI's) and Prison Service Orders (PSO's)

Prison Reform Trust
The Prison Reform Trust works to ensure prisons are just, humane and effective

The Scotland Office
Representing Scotland's interests in the UK Government

Scottish Prison Service
Making Scotland a safer place, to free communities from crime and the fear of crime