Pay and conditions

BERR: Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
Aims to improve the quality of working life for individuals, and create the conditions for business success

European Low-Wage Employment Research Network(LoWER)
Brings together some forty European researchers on low pay and low skills; minimum wages and employment; wage inequality and earnings mobility; intergenerational and intragenerational inequalities; gender, pay, part-time employment and skills; employment structure and quality; immigration and low pay; training and employment behaviour

Incomes Data Services
An independent research organisation providing information and analysis on employment law, diversity, pay and reward, HR and pensions. IDS publications and online services are used by thousands of businesses and by government, trade unions and tribunals

Labour Research Department
An independent research organisation publishing news and information for trade unionists. Around 2,000 trade union organisations are affiliated, representing more than 99% of total TUC membership

The leading provider of information and business solutions to help knowledge-driven professionals achieve excellence. Helps your organisation to drive business growth, improve productivity and actively manage risk

UK Low Pay Commission
An independent statutory non departmental public body set up under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 to advise the Government about the National Minimum Wage