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Latest December 2020 Car Offers from Motor Source Group

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POA member Pet Insurance

Special monthly policy premiums and First 28 days of cover could be FREE!

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POA Membership Benefits

As part of the ongoing development and improvements to POA membership benefits we secured additional new providers. All too often members fail to take full advantage of these benefits which can offer significant savings far in excess of annual subs for POA membership. We urge you to consider these new benefits to save money and offset membership costs, we will continue to source new providers who provide good service and excellent benefits. 


See the latest automobile related membership benefits.

Health and Well-being

See the latest Health and Well-being related membership benefits.

Leisure Offers

See the latest Holiday offers for POA members.

Financial Services

View the latest Financial Services offers for POA members.

Legal Services

Read about the legal services and benefits offered to POA members, including free will writing.


View the latest Insurance offers for POA members.


View the latest shopping and retail offers for POA members.

Technology & Mobiles

View the latest technology and mobile offers for POA members.

Charities Assisting Members

Read about charities that assist POA members.