Association of Police Authorities
The national voice for police authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

British Association of Women Police
The only national organisation to embrace women of all ranks and grades within the Police Service. Their mission is to ensure that those women are heard

Home Office: Police
Responsible for policing in England and Wales and the Scottish Executive are responsible for policing in Scotland. Supports the police and pursue a variety of crime reduction initiatives

Independent Police Complaints Commission
To make sure that complaints against the police are dealt with effectively

National Black Police Association
Seeks to improve the working environment of Black staff by protecting the rights of those employed within the Police Service and to enhance racial harmony and the quality of service to the Black community of the United Kingdom. Assists the Police Service in delivering a fair and equitable service to all sections of the community

The International Association of Women Police
To strengthen, unite and raise the profile of women in criminal justice internationally

The Police Foundation
The only independent charity focussed entirely on developing people's knowledge and understanding of policing and challenging the police service and the government to improve policing for the benefit of the public. The Police Foundation acts as a bridge between the public, the police and the government